Picturesque and nucleated village Luče lies at the Alpine foothills, right under the easternmost Alpine two-thousander Raduha (2062 m) and at the confluence of the Savinja and the Lučnica rivers. The first written sources of the village date back to 1421 and the local people have been living side by side with nature for centuries; two of the main activities were farming and forestry and numerous ethnological sites in the village and its surroundings have plenty of proof for that. In the last century, tourism has become an important activity in the area, and it represents an important source of income for us. For several years, Luče was crowned as the most beautiful tourist destination in Slovenia and beyond.

In Luče, we have all the necessary infrastructure accommodating our guests to enjoy a carefree stay. In the village itself as well as in the surrounding area there are several restaurants and tourist farms with excellent food, there are convenience shops and markets, several snack bars, bars as well as health and dental clinic, tyre repair shop and mechanic, …

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